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AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action For PC – Latest Version For Windows (Free Download)

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In AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action, players take on the role of a sniper in an online multiplayer environment. The objective is to eliminate enemy players with precision shots from a distance. The game features a variety of maps and game modes to keep players engaged. With its focus on tactical gameplay and teamwork, AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action is a unique and exciting experience.

This article is all about helping you get to know the AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action for PC better and install it on your PC. Here are the technical specifications you want to know about beforehand:

AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action App Specification
App Name: AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action On Your PC
Devoloper Name: Azur Interactive Games Limited
Latest Version: 1.8.0
Android Version: 5.0
Supporting OS: Windows,7,8,10 & Mac (32 Bit, 64 Bit)
Package Name: com.alphainteractive.sniperawpshooter
Download: 14194221+
Category: Action
Updated on: Oct 29, 2020
Get it On:


AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action Andorid App Summary

The AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action was developed by the popular developer agency named Azur Interactive Games Limited. They have the AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action in the Action category of the Google Play Store. You can find the latest version, which is 1.8.0, on Play store now.

As it has a hefty 14194221 user base, you can rely on it for the job it does. For the user rating, you’re looking at a 4.4 rating for ease of use and how well it works. With AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action latest features, good ratings, and frequent updates, you’ll be happy with it.

Oct 29, 2020 was the last date the AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action was updated with new features. If you want to use the AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action on your computer, you have to use an emulator like BlueStacks, NOX player, and Memu Emulator.

Using these can be overwhelming. But, no worries, we’ve got your back. We’ll guide you to install the emulator and the AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action using the emulator later on.

How To Install & Download AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action For PC Windows 10/8/7

Installing the AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action using NOX player is a fairly simple process. Using this emulator is a great way to use any Android app on a PC. Here are the steps you’ll have to follow to install the AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action on your PC:

  • Download the NOX player on your computer and install it by double clicking the installation file from download folder.
  • It will take a few minutes to install on your PC. The time will depend on the specs of your computer. The higher the specs, the faster the installation.
  • Once installed, you’ll see the Play store icon on the top right corner area of NOX Player emulator.
  • Open the Play store app, and log into your google account. Then, you’ll see the familiar interface you see on your phone.
  • Click on the search bar, and search for AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action here. You’ll see it on the search result page in the first position.
  • Choose the first result and click on the Install button on screen. This will start downloading the app on your computer.
  • As it’s now installed on your PC, no problem running it. You can launch the app from the NOX player homepage or your Desktop.

Features of AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action for PC


1. Online multiplayer sniper battles
2. Dozens of sniper rifles to choose from
3. Different maps with secrets and Easter eggs
4. Upgrades and attachments for sniper rifles
5. Customizable guns with skins and straps
6. Crisp graphics and controls
7. Upgrade armor and guns
8. Choose from multiple characters
9. In-game chat and clans
10. Daily rewards

AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action App Overview and Details

Love online shooting games and always go for the sniper rifle? Get ready for epic sniper games battles against other players. No other guns allowed! A huge arsenal of dozens of sniper rifles and lots of heroes to choose from will keep your itchy trigger finger happy
Snipe other players in online battles and play with friends! Show the world you’re the sharpest shot online, even against top-class sniper pros.

Why you’ll love AWP Mode:
✯✯✯ Huge arsenal ✯✯✯
Exclusive sniper rifles of all calibers, from Mosin–Nagant, to CVD and M24s. Gear up and show the competition what a real 3D sniper looks like.

✯✯✯ Different maps ✯✯✯
Lots of maps with special easter eggs, loot chests, helicopters, explosive barrels and other secrets you and your team can use to get the upper hand and dominate in shooting games online!

✯✯✯ Upgrades ✯✯✯
All kinds of sniper rifle attachments, from scopes and silencers, to other different helpful upgrades.

✯✯✯ Cool skins ✯✯✯
Customize your guns to fit your style with tons of skins and awesome straps. Show other players what you’re made of in online sniper games.

✯✯✯ Crazy good graphics ✯✯✯
Dive into an action-packed atmosphere of online shootouts with crisp graphics and exceptional controls.

✯✯✯ Upgrade armor and guns ✯✯✯
Build your own combat arsenal to upgrade damage, kickback, reload time and magazine size for any gun in any online sniper battle!

✯✯✯ Choose your character ✯✯✯
Be yourself! Choose from tons of heroes, including New Yorkers, bad girls, bikers, and even Neo. The choice is yours action sniper!

✯✯✯ Clans and in-game chat ✯✯✯
Form your own clan in one click, or join the clan of your choice. Take down other clans in team shooter battles. Talk to other players and come up with the best tactics to win online sniper battles.

Play every day to earn free prizes for FPS, get new missions and lots of other cool free stuff!
Complete daily online game missions and upgrade gear!

Our game is optimized to the max and runs perfectly on any device, now matter how powerful!
Free to download!



Whats New In this AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action?

– New characters: Zombie and Skeleton
– New perks: “Iron head” and “Toxic”
– New weapon skin: “Halloween”
– New emotions: “Thriller” and “Pumpkin Dance”
– New weapon badge: “Pumpkin Bat”
– Halloween-themed barrels
– Decorated main menu


This is a great online sniper action application that allows you to take on other players in a battle of wits and accuracy. The application features realistic graphics and gameplay, making it a great way to test your skills against others. Whether you’re a casual player or a competitive one, you’ll find that this application provides a great way to have some fun and hone your skills.

Before we complete the guide, do you have more questions regarding the emulator above or the AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action of any kind? Don’t feel grounded, just let us know, and we’ll help you resolve it.

Recent AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action Reviews

A Google user

Nov 23, 2019

I’ve played your other games in the past that were only slightly above mediocre…but this title is amazing! The graphics are way better than your other games, the controls are easy and simple, the maps are great and I love the interactive exploding barrels in the jungle map and the secret doors. Ads aren’t stuffed in your face and is only shown when you want a reward! I hope that you keep updating and I give the developers all my support.

Bryan Pocock

Aug 24, 2021

I really liked this game at first, but it got to the point that it simply stopped being fun. First the good: * the action is fun, you are thrown into a shooting scenario in one of 5 environments (Roof top, jungle temple, swimming pool / rec center, snowy mountain gondola resort, and miniature bedroom), 4 of the 5 are fun. * You are teamed up with other players to shoot it up with 5 other players. The system does an OK job most of the time to line up teams with players of similar skills or experience. * Controls are mostly intuitive, easy to use, and are somewhat configurable. But the game is hurt by the following bad points: * One of the game scenarios is a ridiculous bedroom scene where the players are little miniature action figure sized guys running around on shelves … and the players can change gravity so soon you have players jumping all over the place, The real problem with this scenario is that everything is exposed and it basically forces you into a running and jumping around mode. It got to the point that I just quit the scenario any time it came up. * You can purchase weapon upgrades and avatar upgrades. However, you can’t earn enough experience points or gold to actually upgrade these to anything that would give you a competitive advantage. The ONLY way I could see to do an upgrade would be to actually purchase these upgrades with real money. So basically, the game becomes a pay to play game. * The weapons and avatar upgrades are basically purchasing magic weapons and characters with supernatural powers. These upgrades take all the fun out of the game. The magic weapons and avatars can basically reload instantaneously, restore health automatically any time you shot, kill the opponent in one shot, see and shoot through walls, more and navigate faster than the game allows for normal characters, etc. I can’t see how this would be fun for those with those weapons or powers for more than a few rounds. If you are invincible and can quickly dispatch your enemy without the fear of dying, what is the challenge? That simply cannot be fun. And it requires zero skill or ability. If you are a player who hasn’t paid cash to upgrade, and you go up against a character that has, then it isn’t fun because it is impossible to hide, impossible to kill the enemy and your team ends up losing the round, which impacts your kill ratio and your win ratio. If you end up with one of those characters on your team, then it isn’t fun because they kill all the targets before you get a chance. Again, it got to the point that I just started leaving the game because it wasn’t worth my time to continue. * The more you play the higher your level. The higher your level the more likely you are to go up against or to be teamed up with supernatural avatars with magic weapons. So the game quickly degrades the longer you play. I got to level 34 or 35 and it just wasn’t fun anymore. Which may explain why you don’t see many characters in the 30’s or 40s, but you see a ton of level 51 players who are all in the pay to play crowd. * Many of the avatars and weapons are realistic either from a military, law enforcement SWAT, mercenary, or just plain tough guy perspective. But then they add in characters like the Joker, Neo, some mexican bandito, aliens, or some little asian girl in a schoolgirl outfit, etc. Give me a scenario where I can go into a sniper / combat situation with realistic avatars / characters and it is about my skills and abilities, not the magic weapons they purchased. * You have no control over who you get teamed up with. My game style and performance depended on a high kill ratio. I would often kill 5-10 opponents in a battle (sometimes as high as 15 if they weren’t very good). Unless I was going up against a supernatural avatar, I’d usually end the battle without dying. A tough game would be 2-3 deaths. And yet, my win ratio was negative (I lost more games than I won) … because I’d be teamed up with players with far more deaths than kills. Bottom line, the game became for frustrating than fun.

Jason Hesprich

Oct 15, 2020

Where do I start? Can be fun. The graphics (which is where the most time has been spent on) are good. Physics are right above subpar. The devs keep pointing to “player skill” in the reviews. No. It is not. It’s extremely unbalanced. There is no balance between levels. Also. Why should people pay for player skins that aren’t upgradeable for protection?? I play here and there. But definitely not a game I would spend any money on.

A Google user

Dec 19, 2019

Like the game a lot but I recently started a contract to get 10 headshot kills. I literally got 12 headshots in one game and the contract said I only had 4 done. I went into another game, got 3 more headshots, but it didn’t even go up, it stayed at 4 headshots. Pleaee fix this bug. Also, could there be a way to move the on screen controls, because I accidentally shoot quite a bit which gets me killed.

A Google user

Jan 18, 2020

This game is great, don’t get me wrong. That’s why I’m keeping the rating high. However..Still can’t go prone. Needs new maps. Mostly shooting bots. Rewards are few and far between, even with the battle pass. Upgrades? Forget it. Either you haven’t enough money or gold. I killed 34 players, yet our team only scored 9. Don’t know how that works. This needs work. If I can help in any way let me know. Looking forward to seeing further updates.

A Google user

Nov 24, 2019

Game is fun simple but controls aren’t the best. I have only been playing for 3 days and already at battle pass level 16 with 80+ days to reach level 50. One of the best phone game experiences I have found. The office map feels like you are playing with toy soldiers. I would love to see this game transition to consoles and PC.

A Google user

Dec 24, 2019

I really enjoying this game at first. Highly addictive gameplay and great level design. Unfortunately I have to agree with previous reviewer. This is definitely a pay to win game where very little skill is needed. I took 2nd place on two seasons and the rewards did not justify the time or $200 spent to have this title. The next gun upgrade would have cost over $90 and this is where I called it quits. Upgrades are rediculously priced. So unless you have deep pockets, I would pass on this game.

A Google user

Jan 10, 2020

This game is one of the best shooting game I’ve played on my phone. Graphics, music, guns, missions, earning money and gold etc. Are great. But i would like to suggest to lessen the consumption of data (internet) and improve more the shooting assistance. One last thing, it would also be great if reconnecting in game is fast and possible. Hope you consider this suggestions. Keep up the good work.

naki tonata

Oct 29, 2021

I give it a 3 star, its fun play but as you move up levels you start playing against players who are teleporting from one side to the other, and it’s very difficult to try aiming at them, as soon as get my aim right to shoot, they disappear fast, pls do something about this, and it takes my whole clip just to kill someone, but it takes them one shot and im dead, and another thing there’s players that move really fast and shoots fast. Do something about this.

A Google user

Nov 22, 2019

Pros 1. Great graphics 2. You can choose auto aim( needs calibration settings) and manual 3. There’s a potential in this game Cons 1. Maps are random but during my playthrough, I’m always on snow map 2. On snow map,there are blind spots that you can camp while opponent is randomly spawning. 3. Leveling up is so slow 4. Most of the game we got 2-3 bots playing. it’s so hard to carry a team with it. Great game but will uninstall for now until it’s officially out in playstore


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