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Advanced Space Flight For PC – Download On Windows And Mac

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Advanced Space Flight is an area of spaceflight involving the exploration and exploitation of space beyond Earth’s atmosphere and the gravitational field. It includes the use of advanced propulsion systems and the construction of advanced spacecraft and space infrastructure.

Advanced Space Flight is an area of spaceflight involving the exploration and exploitation of space beyond Earth’s atmosphere and the gravitational field. It includes the use of advanced propulsion systems and the construction of advanced spacecraft and space infrastructure.

Spaceflight beyond Earth’s atmosphere and gravitational field requires advanced propulsion systems and spacecraft. These advanced technologies enable humans to explore and exploit space beyond our planet.

The exploration and exploitation of space beyond Earth’s atmosphere and gravitational field is essential to the future of humanity. We must continue to push

This article is all about helping you get to know the Advanced Space Flight for PC better and install it on your PC. Here are the technical specifications you want to know about beforehand:

How To Install & Download Advanced Space Flight For PC Windows 10/8/7

To install the Advanced Space Flight on your computer, you need to install the NOX payer first. To do that, as well as install the Advanced Space Flight, follow the easy guide below from start to finish:

  • First, start by downloading the NOX player. It should store in your download folder in your computer.
  • Locate the installer, double click on it, and let it install on your PC. It will take a few minutes to complete the installation.
  • Once installed, you’ll have the option to start the emulator. Go ahead and start the emulator. It will set up the environment for the first time.
  • Now, open the Play store app (It’s on the top header, or you can search for it) and it will ask you to log in. Log into your Google account.
  • Search for the Advanced Space Flight app on the Play store app and the app will show up in the first position. Click and start installing the app on your computer.

Advanced Space Flight Andorid App Summary

Under the Simulation category on Google Play store, Advanced Space Flight has over 651026 of downloads reflecting the number of users they have. Guillermo Pawlowsky has developed the Advanced Space Flight and has improved a lot to this day with the latest version, 1.13.0.

Until this latest version, Advanced Space Flight has successfully been able to acquire a good user rating of 4.0. This latest version was last updated on Sep 16, 2022 which you can check in the technical specification section below.

The only bummer here is you can not just download and install it on your computer without using an Android emulator. However, you can definitely install it on your computer by using one of the most popular emulators: NOX player, BlueStacks, or Memu Emulator.

These tools will help you install and use the Advanced Space Flight on your computer without having to use your Phone. To do so, you need to follow the guides we’re about to discuss in this article.

Advanced Space Flight App Specification
App Name: Advanced Space Flight On Your PC
Devoloper Name: Guillermo Pawlowsky
Latest Version: 1.13.0
Android Version: 5.1
Supporting OS: Windows,7,8,10 & Mac (32 Bit, 64 Bit)
Package Name:
Download: 651026+
Category: Simulation
Updated on: Sep 16, 2022
Get it On:


Features of Advanced Space Flight for PC

SpaceX. It is the most powerful operational rocket in the world, with a payload capacity of 63,800 kg to low Earth orbit.
– SLS (Chemical Rocket): Designed by NASA. It is the most powerful rocket ever built, with a payload capacity of 130,000 kg to low Earth orbit. It is still in development, with its first launch planned for late 2018.
– Orion (Chemical Rocket): Designed by NASA. It is aCrewed spacecraft designed for deep space exploration. It is still in development, with its first launch planned for late 2018.
– VASIMR (Ion Thruster): Designed by Ad Astra Rocket Company. It is a high power plasma rocket, capable of reaching speeds of up to 100 km/s. It is still in development, with its first launch planned for 2020.
– Daedalus (Nuclear Fusion Rocket): Designed by the British Interplanetary Society. It is a conceptual design for a spacecraft powered by nuclear fusion. It is still in development.

– Keplerian orbits
– Realistic space flight
– Interstellar travel
– Planetarium
– Star chart
– Exoplanet explorer
– True scale of the Universe
– Space Shuttle
– Falcon Heavy
– Orion
– Daedalus

Advanced Space Flight App Overview and Details

Advanced Space Flight is a realistic space simulator for interplanetary and interstellar travel. It is the only space simulator available that takes into account relativistic effects during interstellar flight.
Besides simulating space flight this app can also be used as a planetarium, with all known planets shown in real scale with their accurate keplerian orbits. It can also be used as a star chart and exoplanet explorer, showing all solar systems with confirmed exoplanets within 50 light years from the Sun.
This is the only app where you can get a sense of the true scale of the Universe, zooming out throught thousands of galaxies and galaxy clusters until you see the entire observable universe in your screen.

– All Solar System planets plus 5 dwarf planets and 27 moons
– All confirmed exoplanetary solar systems within 50 light years from the Sun, making a total of over 100+ exoplanets.
– Over 50+ stars, including main sequence stars like the Sun, red dwarfs like TRAPPIST-1, white dwarfs like Sirius B, brown dwarfs like 54 Piscium B, etc.
– Experience the full scale of the Universe: you can zoom out from a few meters to billions of light years, until you see the entire observable universe in your screen.

Flight Modes:
– Realistic Flight: Travel using optimized trajectories, calculated based on the orbital parameters of the origin and destination planets to minimize fuel usage. These are the kind of trajectories that would be used in a real space mission.
– Free Flight: Take manual control of a spaceship in space, activating the engines as you see fit to achieve your goals.

Advanced Space Flight features several spacecraft, based on present and future technology:
– Space Shuttle (Chemical Rocket): Designed in 1968-1972 by NASA and North American Rockwell. It has been in service from 1981 to 2011, making it the most successful reusable spacecraft ever built.
– Falcon Heavy (Chemical Rocket): Designed and manufactured by SpaceX, made its first flight in 2018.
– Nuclear Ferry (Nuclear Thermal Rocket): Designed in 1964 by Ling-Temco-Vought Inc.
– Lewis Ion Rocket (Ion Drive): Designed in a 1965 study by the Lewis Research Center.
– Projecy Orion (Nuclear Pulse Propulsion): Designed in 1957-1961 by General Atomics. Some early prototypes were built before the project was abandoned after 1963.
– Project Daedalus (Fusion Rocket): Designed in 1973-1978 by the British Interplanetary Society.
– Antimatter Startship (Antimatter Rocket): First proposed in the early 1950s, the concept was further studied after advances in antimatter physics in the 80s and 90s.
– Bussard Ramjet (Fusion Ramjet): First proposed in 1960 by Robert W. Bussard, design was improved in 1989 by Robert Zubrin and Dana Andrews.
– IXS Enterprise (Alcubierre Warp Drive): Based on a concept design fom NASA in 2008, it was the first serious attempt to design a superluminal spacecraft.

Artificial Satellites:
– Sputnik 1
– Hubble Space Telecope
– Internation Space Station
– Kepler Space Observatory
– Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS)
– James Webb Space Telescope

– Atmospheric light scattering effects, making atmospheres look realistic both from space and from the surface of planets.
– Planetary clouds that move at different speed than the surface.
– Clouds in tidal-locked planets form giant hurricanes, caused by the Coriolis force.
– Planetary rings with realistic light scattering and real-time shadows from the planet.
– Realtivistic effects when travelling close to the speed of light: time dilation, length contraction and relativistic doppler effect.

Join our discord community for discussions or suggestions about the app:

You can also contact me by email if you have any complaint or suggestion.

NOTE: You can upgrade to the full version of the app without spending any actual money by using Google Opinion Rewards. Find more details in our discord channel under #announcements

Whats New In this Advanced Space Flight?

Changes in version 1.13.0:
– Changes in the rendering of galactic objects
– Increased variety of galaxies
– Added new moons: Amalthea, Janus, Galatea and Larissa
– Added new planet: LTT 1445 Ac
– Added new systems: Gliese 514, HD 260655, Ross 508
– Fixed some bugs
– Added discord link
– Changed texture of launch platform
– Software migrated to Unity 2021


Advanced space flight is an amazing application that allows users to experience spaceflight in a more realistic and immersive way. Through the use of advanced graphics and physics, users are able to get a better sense of what it would be like to actually be in space. The application is also very user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to get started with spaceflight. Overall, Advanced Space Flight is an excellent application that is definitely worth checking out.

Before we complete the guide, do you have more questions regarding the emulator above or the Advanced Space Flight of any kind? Don’t feel grounded, just let us know, and we’ll help you resolve it.

Recent Advanced Space Flight Reviews

A Google user

Sep 18, 2018

the added controlls finaly made it playable in freeflight after the last update!!! now it just needs buttons for normal & antinormal & some kinda inclination indicator to make inclination changes easier… & i wish it would start you in orbit at the point in space you selected not just siting there with 0v… & i wish it didnt have the first stage still attached on the falcon or the tank on the shuttle. the extra delta v is nice but its just unrealistic so maybe just make it a option & i would like to see something with an ion drive thats real & really does get that kinda delta v… but overall its a great sim…

A Google user

Feb 2, 2019

so i give it 4star because the fact that you can’t land on a planet when you are doing landing mission it doesn’t work properly you touch the atmosphere of the planet and message says !you crashed . !but!!! when you crash into another rocket or satellite it’s! successful landing???!!!! 😕🧐 ? but overall it is really good

A Google user

Oct 1, 2019

Great game and a lot of fun. The only reason I haven’t rated it 5 stars is because there is no save game option in planetarium mode. It would be great to be able to save the game with all of my ships/missions exactly where I left them. Other than that, great game and a lot of fun!

A Google user

Sep 11, 2019

Had a bad experience… it may be good… but as I don’t know how to get controls….i just uninstalled it…these 4 stars for ur work and designing team…and ur ability to design such a space game which involves a broad mind with a huge knowledge….♡♡ well… through i recieved an experience of loneliness in space…♤

A Google user

Sep 13, 2018

It would be amazeing if people didnt have to pay money for almost everything. Its kind of anoying. Makes sense though because its proboly dificult to have to add in all the stuff. Other than that the game is one of the best ive ever seen for phones.

Daniel Carson

Feb 15, 2021

Beautiful graphics, but the control interface leaves something to be desired. The game would especially benefit from an orbital View instead of behind the spacecraft.

A Google user

Apr 8, 2020

The controls are terrible. With the space shuttle, they don’t even know that it’s supposed to orbit with the top toward the Earth. It’s like they made the ships, but did not do there homework. It’s very unrealistic. It’s just an exercise in frustration. Very disappointing.

Marc Premo

Oct 6, 2021

Its way too easy to accidentally tap on the time speed slider and screw up your whole flight. Also an option to restart your flight without having to close and reopen the app would be nice

Lewis J

Jul 13, 2020

Awesome. The best space exploration game I’ve played. I’d like to be able to explore more stars in the milky way like pulsars or neutron stars. It would also be cool to be able to see super novas and black holes. I would like to be able to at least zoom in and explore other galaxies and learn the names of them as well.

Balto D

Dec 6, 2021

It is a very good game,just abit complicated,although i dont like how you have to buy some spacecrafts…hides the games full potentail (edit) please make landing back on the planet possible


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